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Ensure your profitability. Our software allows you to build pipelines, projects, or tasks where you can easily monitor the progress. Keeping track of your tasks and projects has never been easier.

Track your progress

Check your task and project status and identify potential problems in advance.

Stay on Time

Easily prioritize and reorganize projects based on their importance through a drag and drop feature.

Efficient Communication

Communicate with your team members and assign tasks without leaving in one place.

Visualize the tasks that need to be accomplished.

You can plan your work and keep track of deadlines using Media Shield. You'll be able to see what needs to be done and its progress as well. You can plan, organize, and monitor your tasks all in one palace. Our software will keep you on track!

Develop a smooth collaboration with your team.

Task management helps you work more efficiently and successfully with your team by keeping all the information about your tasks in one place, and everyone can access it easily. Media Shield as a software will make your organization and collaboration much easier and more effective. Not only your tasks, but you can also assign, plan, organize or collaborate on your teams’ tasks.

Organize tasks and projects simply

Our software allows you to simplify all the workload you have! You can simply organize projects, monitor pipelines, create your website, or communicate with customers. In addition to all those great features, Media Shield software allows you to keep your work in check. You have the option to organize your tasks and projects, categorize them, assign, and monitor their progress very simply and efficiently.

Get more work done.

You can work from wherever you choose with an easy way for tracking your daily activities so that nothing falls through the cracks! Easily and simply organize and monitor the progress of your tasks and collaborate with your team. Get more done with our simple and easy software.

Assign tasks seamlessly.

Our software allows you to automatically assign tasks to the right people using advanced triggers, so you don't have to worry about who should do what! You can add tags, filter, or triggers that automatically move tasks to certain categories or team members.

We bring everything you need to solve your digital marketing problems in one place.

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Strategically manage your project with our project pipeline feature.

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We bring everything you need to solve your digital marketing problems in one place.

Website Builder

Build your own website in minutes with our user-friendly editor.

Web Forms and Survey Builder

Have a professional-looking forms and surveys for your customers.

Email Marketing

Keep your audience engaged and keep them coming back for more.

Online Booking

Automate reservation and booking management to save time.

Customer Segmentation

Develop more focused strategies to retain customers.

Reputation Management

Build trust by getting positive online reviews!

SMS Marketing

Create campaigns, schedule them, and set up auto-responders.

Lead Generation Funnel

Build an effective lead generation funnel for any industry.

Phone Call Center

Integrated omnichannel system that allows customers to communicate with your company.

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