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It’s a great way to organize schedules, while also being able provide quick updates for employees and customers when necessary!

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Customize report view

Add or remove columns, and change the order of fields in a view.

Smart Filter

Applying filters to only show the information you want.

Export contacts

Transfer your address book from one device to another.

Channels and Source

Monitor where your bookings come from to know more about the types of customers that are interested in your product and services.


You can easily get the report on each team member's calendar to see how many bookings they have.


View a summarized report showing the number of confirmed, cancelled and no show bookings..

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We bring everything you need to solve your digital marketing problems in one place.

Website Builder

Build your own website in minutes with our user-friendly editor.

Web Forms and Survey Builder

Have a professional-looking forms and surveys for your customers.

Email Marketing

Keep your audience engaged and keep them coming back for more.

Online Booking

Automate reservation and booking management to save time.

Customer Segmentation

Develop more focused strategies to retain customers.

Reputation Management

Build trust by getting positive online reviews!

SMS Marketing

Create campaigns, schedule them, and set up auto-responders.

Lead Generation Funnel

Build an effective lead generation funnel for any industry.

Phone Call Center

Integrated omnichannel system that allows customers to communicate with your company.

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