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Boost your company Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on Facebook and save time with our Advertising Agency in Fayetteville, NC. Build a customized automation plan that will give you the best chance for success on Facebook advertising and other social media!

Media Shield is Everything your
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Manage Campaigns

Integrate your Google account seamlessly.

Monitor Demographics

Make sure your audience is constantly growing.

Customize timelines

See your reports for this month, last month, and the same period last year.


No more app switching! You can get all the information about your campaigns without leaving the CRM.


Ensure you have the right ads set for your campaign. It's important to know what type of content will appeal most to generate better results!


Get instant insights into how well your Facebook ads perform by looking at the most important Facebook Ad Metrics through your Media Shield CRM. At the same time, you expand your company reach and drive Return on Investment (ROI) to the most powerful social media platform with the top Facebook partner in Fayetteville, NC.


View demographic information about users who have seen/licks etc., so it can help find out where they're coming from

Generate more leads with your FB Ads!

We bring everything you need to solve your digital marketing problems in one place.

Media Shield is your trusted Facebook partner in Fayetteville, NC. Our experts run Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns flawlessly getting the results your company needs on the most used social media platforms.

A software seamlessly integrated with more than 1,000 powerful and daily used apps


Efficient and seamless communication.

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All-in-one solution designed to simplify the process of growing your business, from marketing and sales to customer retention.

We bring everything you need to solve your digital marketing problems in one place.

Website Builder

Build your own website in minutes with our user-friendly editor.

Web Forms and Survey Builder

Have a professional-looking forms and surveys for your customers.

Email Marketing

Keep your audience engaged and keep them coming back for more.

Online Booking

Automate reservation and booking management to save time.

Customer Segmentation

Develop more focused strategies to retain customers.

Reputation Management

Build trust by getting positive online reviews!

SMS Marketing

Create campaigns, schedule them, and set up auto-responders.

Lead Generation Funnel

Build an effective lead generation funnel for any industry.

Phone Call Center

Integrated omnichannel system that allows customers to communicate with your company.

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