All In One Digital Marketing Solutions

All In One Digital Marketing Solutions

Simple Texting Tool for Local Businesses
Simple Texting Tools for Business Interactions
Simple Texting Tool for Local Businesses

Ads with impressions won’t work,
ads with conversations do

Sync all your ads and social media platforms into one channel to manage all your business communications in one inbox.

Simply with texting,

All In One Digital Marketing Solutions
Get your local number

Get unlimited local phone numbers and empower your business communications by texting


Automate your review collection simply via texting


Creating invoices and collecting payments made easy, collect payments with 3 clicks

Text your website visitors

Allow your website visitors to live-chat with you and answer their questions via regular texting


Manage reminders for your events and appointments

Updates & news

Update your customers simply via text messages and send SMS campaigns & sequences

Text back your missed-calls

Automatically convert callers into texting customers.

Collect Reviews on
Auto-pilot Mode


Segment your happy customers and set up an automated review request and reply or dispute your reviews within your reviews portal

All your conversations
in one inbox

Facebook Messenger
All In One Digital Marketing Solutions
Calls & SMS
Google My Business

Sync all your inboxes to Media Shield and control all your business communications in one inbox, where you can quick reply, accept payments, schedule appointments and do much more with couple clicks or on your Media Shield mobile app.

Workflows Automation

Streamline your processes and keep your tasks on track with powerful automated workflows.

Deal Management

Control all your potential deals at your fingertips to track and manage all deals for increased sales.

Build meaningful client relationships with an advanced but yet easy CRM

Simple and easy. Everything you need from lead management to sales strategies by providing an easy-to-use method for organizing customer data all in one place.

Unlimited Users/ Products

Keep the operational focus away from the pay-per-use subscription model and cost-effective delivery of value. Get everything unlimited with Media Shield.

Team Management

Work more efficiently while keeping track of all your projects and tasks with one platform.

Operating business the right way

Seamlessly integrated with more than 1,000 powerful and daily used apps


Media Shield replaces a bunch of your essential apps.

See how our fixed priced all-in-one platform compares to purchasing multiple subscriptions.

Email Marketing


SMS Marketing


Unlimited Sales Funnels


Website Builder


Business Call Center


Surveys & Forms


Calendar & Booking


CRM & Workflow Automation


Video Conference


Team Chat


Social Media Scheduler


Domain & Web Hosting


Tracking & Analytics


Online Courses


Reviews & Reputation Management



Media Shield

Easy tools and solutions for all of your digital marketing needs

We Got All The Answers


Companies are interested in CRM because they recognise that the customer is their primary strategic asset and thus seek to better understand the behaviour and needs of that customer and therefore enhance their relationship.

Actual returns vary from one company to the next, but common benefits we have seen our customers achieve are:

  • Higher customer retention
  • Improved sales productivity
  • Improved efficiency between different departments
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Increased profitability
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Reduction in “lost” sales leads
  • Increased customer service response times

You have the full control on your team permission and accesses. Many CRM systems have security profiles that enable businesses to prevent their staff from performing certain tasks. For example, if you were worried that a disgruntled employee might want to delete the company database, deletion rights can be removed. In most CRM systems there is also the option to be able to export data into an excel spreadsheet, again if this was something you wanted to stop, then this part of the system can be turned off for certain users. If this is something you are concerned about, remember to mention it to the company whom you are purchasing your CRM from.

The answer in short is yes, actually the entire idea of Media Shield is to organize your team work, most CRM systems include the option to cater for remote users. However, there are four main ways to do this:

  • Remote web access – this enables your remote worker to go onto the internet and login to your live CRM system from home.
  • Remote Installation – this enables remote workers to have a copy of the software on their laptop, so they can update your CRM database regardless of whether they have internet access. When they do have access to the internet and your server, they can then synchronise their data.
  • Mobile CRM – this enables remote workers to access and update your CRM system, via a PDA or mobile phone.
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network – where users connect to the work server, via the internet from home.

To encourage engagement, interactive web design focuses on providing a better user experience. Users will be able to easily find what they need and contact the company if a user-friendly web design is created.

If you use our pre build templates for more than 20+ industries, the entire website won’t take you more than 1 hour max to customize it for your own brand.

Controlling the online conversation about your brand is part of online reputation management. While it is impossible to remove all negative comments and reviews from the Internet, online reputation management allows brands to counterattack harmful attacks with positive content.

Being proactive is the best way for brands to improve their online reputation management. This entails keeping a close eye on any mentions of your brand on social media, blogs, websites, or other online platforms. If you come across any negative comments about your brand or products, have a plan in place to respond quickly and effectively in order to soften the blow. On the other hand, brands should encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews so that a single negative review does not completely devastate the brand’s reputation. In addition, brands should collaborate with well-known and respected influencers to create high-quality content.

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