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Build an integrated omnichannel system that will allow customers to communicate with your company in more than one channel.

Connect with other apps

Make communication easier within a single platform.

High-Quality Call

Get the message clearly everytime you receive a phone call.

Easy to use

Let your staff stay productive when dealing with your customers.

Have advanced telecoms integrations.

The ability to integrate our system with third-party telecoms will allow you to make and receive calls without ever leaving Media Shield. This means increased efficiency, as well as greater control over how customer data is utilized!

Improved your customer experience through call routing.

Incoming support calls are routed to the correct department with just one click. The system knows which reps are already on-call, so it’s easy for you – as manager or owner of your business–to handle all those pesky incoming clients without having them wait in line!

Keep tabs on important call information.

Keep track of all your calls in one place with call reports. You can see who’s calling, when they called and for how long the conversation lasted – along with any outcomes recorded by phone or email!

Stay organized using call tags.

Tags are a great way to identify who needs that extra special attention and how you can address them when they call in. There’s endless possibilities as tags give your reps specific information about their customers before even taking the phone call!

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