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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization

To understand what Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO means, you first have to start by defining what conversion is. At Media Shield, we refer to conversion as the process in which visitors will go to a partner’s website and takes an action that is desired by the implemented objectives.

This may include subscribing to an email newsletter, creating an account with a username and password, making a purchase, downloading an application, or something else entirely. Whatever action our partners want their visitors or potential customers to take, this action is what is going to be measured and what we are looking to optimize.

There are several features that are associated with optimizing the conversion rate, including for example that it is a structured and systematic approach that aims to improve the performance of our partner’s website. 

It is also considered to be made up of thoughts, especially analysis and user comments. It is also a process defined by the objectives and unique needs of the website, in which the traffic our partners already have is taken and we will get the most out of it. 

It is also important to clarify that the optimization of the conversion rate should not be carried out on the basis of assumptions, hunches, or what others are doing. What our partners are looking to improve, the conversion rate is the total number of conversions.

That is the number of people who did what is defined as a conversion. To obtain the conversion rate, the total number of conversions above must be divided by the number of visitors to the site. For example, a site with 5,000 visitors and 50 conversions has a conversion rate of 1%. 

The amount of time people spend on the site, the exit rate, as well as the average page views, should also be taken into account.

Why do I need to improve the conversion rate?

 Let’s see some advantages that the conversion rate means in most of our partner’s online sales platform.

We understand our clients better.

Thanks to this analysis process we can know what clients we have, what product they are looking for, and thus offer them a more accurate product or service. 

We increase the number of clients.

If we know our clients, we will be able to offer them an experience that adjusts to what they need, and this will make us have a greater number of clients, and also be more satisfied. 

More satisfied customers = more sales.

By offering a product or service suitable to the needs of our clients and which is also easily accessible through the web, we will have more possibilities than their navigation will be translated into a sales process. 

We improve the design of our website without risks.

We can make incremental improvements in the design of our website without great costs, checking how customers react with each initiative, gradually. 

Google improves the positioning of your page.

If Google perceives that the number of clients of your website is increasing, it will offer us a better position. If you want to optimize the conversion rate and thus obtain an increase in the profitability of your website, at Media Shield we have an expert team to help you. We combine the business vision of the best digital agency and the technological capacity of the most powerful consultants.  

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