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Top Marketing Strategies to Sell More Before Christmas

Selling ​​and buying are the most common actions carried out at this time of year. Even with the most difficult Christmas economic crisis, it does not matter. People still manage to buy their loved ones a special gift. In North Carolina alone, 86% of people buy a gift during this time of year. But what are the top Christmas marketing strategies carried out by companies?

Everyone (even us) wants a dreamy Christmas, gifts, luxurious dinners, spectacular decorations, etc… and your goal is for them to go looking for these luxuries at your company. It is evident that the companies that best apply Christmas marketing strategies are the ones that will benefit. So, you have to prepare ahead of time, and with a good strategy, you will get the most out of this Christmas. Let’s delve into the most common marketing strategies to sell more before and during Christmas. Maybe after Christmas as well for those late starters 😁

  • Develop a successful online Christmas campaign. Before December arrives, it is important to optimize the digital presence on all of your social networks. To do this, it is necessary to identify the platforms your buyer persona frequents and which is the best for disseminating information about your products or services. Although it seems like a good idea to handle the largest amount of media, using the preferred channels of your target audience is more efficient, as well as more profitable.
  • Use your email marketing list. Of course, it’s easy to get bogged down in tasks to make sure your site is perfectly festive. However, it’s vital to remember that many customers won’t see it — unless you send them an email with a link and a good reason to return to your home page. It’s the most effective form of marketing tactic for branding, acquisition, conversion, and retention — so start building your holiday email campaigns. We know you want a piece of that pie!
  • Offer it as a bundle during the Holidays. No matter what products or services you offer, you can bundle them together during the holiday season and offer a festive combo on your website, social media, etc. Each year you can do the same. Nothing has to change, just the context! At this time of the year, people like to see seasonal promotions. Even if you’re selling the same things, dress the way you sell your products or services with Christmas overtones to match the season.
  • Invite your customers to the New Year. After the excitement of the holiday season has ended, take some time to improve your content production. Why? Because once the Christmas excitement is over, your customers will be thinking about the next big event: the New Year! Come January, Media Shield customers are looking for help building a new website or adding a new funnel to boost their sales, whether they’re starting a business or an e-commerce website. Think about what your customers will want to do in 2023 and start creating content to help them do just that. The new year is a new beginning for everyone. Stay on top of your content strategy by preparing a great display of fresh ideas for January in December.

Great! There you have it! These ideas will help you connect with your customers (and anyone that visits your website) this holiday season. If you have any questions, suggestions, or additional ideas, leave us a comment below or email us.

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