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Reasons to use Media Shield customer relationship management (CRM) system

At Media Shield, the number one problem we solve for our clients in improving their customer relationship and their ability to manage their leads and sales. Our clients say they always find themselves researching customer relationship management systems, better known by its acronym, CRM.

Do you know what we are talking about?

Simply put, a CRM refers to software that tracks interactions with your current and potential customers.

Did you know that by using the correct CRM you can boost your business as nothing else can?

But, when we talk about the advantages of implementing a CRM, what do we mean?

By properly implementing a CRM system, you will be able to store and manage current and potential customer data, track interactions, and help win more customers by increasing your ability and your sales team’s ability to close deals, as well as improving your services, your customer support team and automate marketing processes easily.

But does your business need one? What are the benefits of a CRM?

Now, let’s get into some reasons to use Media Shield’s CRM system.

✔️ You need management. Primarily management of the flow of leads so that no leads are forgotten. With the Media Shield CRM system when you add a new lead to your sales cycle, it will begin to build a timeline of your interactions with them, creating a complete history of your relationship. At the same time, with the Media Shield CRM system, you can set follow-up dates for each potential customer and can remind you when they are due.

✔️ Your potential customers have multiple points of contact If your current and potential customers are talking to multiple touchpoints in your organization, it can be easy to lose track of what has been communicated during the sales cycle period. The CRM features will provide a documented history of all your customer interactions, showing who said what and when.

✔️ Visibility of data is as important as collecting it. If you want to run sales forecasts, track your sales accordingly, improve your marketing strategy or other business activities, then a CRM system will give you what you need.

✔️ If you can’t remember what stage of the sale each potential customer is in and what happened on the last call, you need the benefits of CRM to easily extract customer history and pick up where they left off. Thus, the seller, whether he is the same one who started the conversation with the customer, or not, will be able to resume without missing any detail.

✔️ If you want to run simple or more sophisticated marketing campaigns, then you need a customer management system to contain the data and ideally to also send the emails. Then when you look at a potential customer in the CRM, you can see if and how they responded.

Can you think of any other reason a business may need a CRM system? If so, we’d love to read you in the comments.

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