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Media Shield: The Best Zoom Alternative For Your Small Business

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Not too long ago video conferencing equipment was widely available in specific meeting rooms. We remember the office was packed with spaces for conference calls and local collaboration: rooms with a phone in the center of the table, microphones scattered everywhere, and hopefully a dry-erase board in the background full of colored stripes, right…!?

Since hybrid work became the norm, every space has the potential to become a meeting room now. That includes your car, the kid’s room, the kitchen table, the desk at home, an office meeting room, or wherever you find yourself. The need for video conferencing equipment is slowly disappearing. All you need is your mobile device, computer, or Mac.

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As one of the best Zoom alternatives, Media Shield offers first-class audio, video, and web conferencing that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world meetings, perfect for professional and personal use, from office to home.

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Whether you run a business overseeing
a local team; work on a Project
Management team; work in the medical
field and need to conduct confidential
meetings with the patient and the administration,
work or are at home with your kids online,
Media Shield’s feature-rich technology
delivers the best quality video,
safeguarded with a top-notch encrypted connection.

If you rely on video conferencing to stay on top of your business meetings or work from home then, Media Shield video conference is the best software for you. After all, the best video conferencing software is the one that fits your budget and meets your business requirements.

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