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Nowadays, executing Email Marketing strategies is essential to stimulate and publicize any business. But, do you know what steps to take so that your emailing campaigns are synonymous with effectiveness and conversion? We share with you the main keys with which to design your Email Marketing plan of action.

Knowing the secrets of Email Marketing strategies is the most precious asset for companies from all kinds of sectors that want to reach their customers and lead them to their businesses in a more personal, direct, and measurable way. For this reason, if your company has not yet entered the world of Email Marketing or has done so but you do not know if, with the right steps, we provide you below with the most important points for an email marketing plan.

1. Achievable email marketing objectives

Planning is one of the most important points to carry out each of the steps of your Email Marketing strategies. In this way, it will be much easier to execute them successfully and design each call for action via email for its achievement.

2. Use the most effective Email Marketing tools

Tools like MailChimp, AWeber or Constant Contact, among others are great. Many of them have predesigned templates to make your job easier, as well as having an intuitive interface that will help you design your campaign quickly and measure the scope of each action.

3. Analyze your audience

Email Marketing strategies should be directed at your consuming public. From this in-depth analysis, you will have the basic information to include in your emailing strategy from informative content or the organization of contests among your subscribers, depending on the objectives pursued with each submission.

4. Create and maintain a database

A subscriber list is measured by its quality and not so much by its quantity. The more qualitative contacts and the greater reach you have, you will be able to broaden the dissemination of your messages in the desired way, getting progressively more subscribers to become customers.

5. Set delivery day and time for newsletters and content

This measure will help you plan and correctly implement the marked Email Marketing strategy. While the best time to ship is between 8-11 am, favorable days range from Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday. However, testing and evaluating the results are recommended to determine the most favorable day in each case.

6. Have a landing page

For your message to arrive in the desired way, you need to find the right channels. Link your landing page within your email campaign according to your objectives, it is possible to expand the database since landing pages are the perfect pages to register user data, in exchange, for example, for the free download of material of interest to them.

Likewise, the arrival from the Email Marketing campaign to the landing page allows the user to obtain all the information they need to know, being a continuation of the email itself. The noise disappears and from the landing page, you will have everything to buy the product, participate in the contest or register your data, according to the objective of each campaign of our Email Marketing strategy. 

Okay, so with these tips, you will have a guide to launch your emailing campaigns or to polish your Email Marketing strategy with aspects that, perhaps, you had not considered but that will bring you benefits in the form of new subscribers and new sales.

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