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Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Chatbot

One of the questions that we are most used to answering at Media Shield is related to the advantages and disadvantages of using a chatbot. Chatbots are an important part of our digital marketing strategy to get leads to your website through conversational marketing.

For this month’s article, we have decided to discuss the advantages and benefits of chatbots, and also the disadvantages and the cases in which we must be cautious in adopting this technology for our business.

Chatbot Benefits: What are the main advantages of using it?

1. Chatbots answer frequently asked questions immediately

Tim at Media Shield says that Chatbots are the first link in the digital sales process, an increasingly complex process that requires a greater commitment from the company to meet consumer expectations. These, by the way, tend to be higher and higher and, therefore, require a greater response capacity on the part of companies.

With a chatbot, it is possible to automate the most frequently asked questions and answer customer queries about your product or service immediately. This helps you achieve a better user-brand interaction.

2. Chatbots help obtain customer data in a friendly way

After answering the most frequently asked questions from potential customers, it is important to move forward in the sales process. To do this, we need to collect as much data as possible about the prospect. The chatbot allows you to obtain this information in an efficient, friendly, and natural way.

3. Chatbots improve the image of your company

Today it is of great importance to differentiate your company from competitors, offering the customer added value in the product, service, attention, or any other aspect of the company.

Jose at Media Shield says that a good starting point can be to improve customer support to offer a more satisfactory user experience. For this, it is key to use a chatbot that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This, in turn, will help quell the customer’s cravings in real-time.

What are the main disadvantages of using a chatbot?

1. A chatbot does not replace 110% human attention

Simply put, a chatbot does not have a brain….

2. Existing customer inquiries are often difficult to predict or automate

Some things can be automated, and in general, a chatbot is often very helpful in answering queries. But, it is important to know the limitations so as not to damage the image of your company.

3. Sensitive services

Some companies or organizations (medical consultations, technical support for critical services, etc.) may belong to sensitive areas. In this case, it is important to clarify the limitations of the chatbot, although in many cases it is possible to automate responses to lead to other areas.

Well, glad we were able to give you some advantages and disadvantages of chatbots. If you have any questions leave us a comment below or send us an email 🙂

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