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Holiday Marketing Tips: 4 Strategies to Increase Sales

2021 is flying by and, almost without realizing it, we are in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year. As usual, the need arises in businesses to implement Christmas marketing actions to take advantage of this time of year.

Angy, Media Shield Operations Manager says that we must bear in mind that the holidays are very important dates for people. It is not only a way to close the year and move to a new stage, but also a moment to share with loved ones.

For this reason, gifts become the protagonists of the time. No custom is more important than looking for gifts at the foot of the Christmas tree. This is how Christmas marketing becomes relevant for companies.

Precisely for this reason, today we want to talk to you about how to reach your customers and potentials through Christmas and New Years marketing actions. For that we will share 4 tips to sell more during the holidays.

Tip # 1. Prepare your online store

2020 was a before and after in the lives of people around the world. Something characteristic of this great change was the transformation of consumer habits.

Electronic commerce around the world grew according to an analysis by Media Shield. The U.S. was the region that grew the most in online shopping. It also confirms a trend that is even more established today: the buyer’s journey inevitably begins through the Internet.

For this reason, within the Christmas marketing actions, it is very important that your company or business has its landing page ready to receive visitors. Your customers expect to have a good user experience and that is why it is key that:

Your catalogs are up to date.

The information on your website is accurate.

Your business receives visitors correctly.

Provide fast and personalized attention with tools such as the Media Shield chatbot.

Tip # 2. Social media yes, but searches too!

A blog is a content marketing strategy that should certainly exceed the holiday season. Having content on a blog is always good to amplify visits to your website, achieve good SEO positioning and be as high as possible in searches.

In turn, this is key because organic traffic has the capacity to generate a good percentage of sales. Of course, the number of queries that Google receives daily amounts to 80,000 requests per second (6,900 million per day), according to Google.

Consequently, and as it is a fundamental strategy, it should not be missing among the marketing actions this Christmas either.

Make sure to prepare enough content to have a steady stream during the weeks leading up to and during the holidays. You can recycle old posts and prepare new ones. Also, try to use some keywords that are specific to the season and that if you work them well they can help you get more traffic.

And if you don’t have a blog yet, maybe it’s the perfect time to start one. Ask our Media Experts for advice 🙂

Tip #3. Prepare content for all your social media networks

Another idea to sell during Christmas is to prepare extra content for all of your business social media networks.

Today, these platforms have become a massive communication channel with customers and potentials. Because these sites have an enormous capacity to expose brands and show them to the world with interactive content such as video, for example.

Without going any further, Instagram has over 1 billion users. In addition, according to the internal data of Instagram, 90% of the users on the platform follow a brand. While 2 out of 3 people surveyed say they interact with businesses on the social network. Therefore, interacting with followers and potential clients on the networks is a more than profitable opportunity. 🤩

Preparing a content calendar through Media Shield can help you organize the Christmas promotions and products you want to launch this holiday season.

You can take surveys using Media Shield survey forms to find out what your followers want the most and offer tempting purchase opportunities that meet their expectations.

Do not forget! Take advantage of the potential of video, create quality content and voila! You have a recipe for success.

Tip # 4. Email Marketing through Personalization

Email marketing is another essential part of your Christmas marketing actions. However, the inbox filter is one of the great challenges of email marketing. Personalization is presented as one of the most powerful strategies to deal with this difficulty.

For this idea to sell during Christmas to work, it is important that what reaches your customers boxes is relevant information. That is, useful content related to the needs of your audience.

At Media Shield, we believe you should not include every contact in an ideal consumer. Rather, think of diversity as a Christmas marketing strategy. Tim, Media Shield CEO says that you should take advantage of sending suggestions based on previous purchases or based on the interests of consumers. And fundamental! Do not forget to write each email carefully, aiming to initiate conversations with consumers.

After all, email marketing gives you the opportunity to segment customers, personalize content, build loyalty through relationship building and measure results.

In fact, it is a consolidated technique, with a very high return on investment of at least 50 to 1 according to data collected by Media Shield experts. Therefore, you cannot miss it in the middle of the Holidays season.

Can you think of any other tips to sell more during this holiday season and Christmas? If so, we’d love to read you in the comments.