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Customer Service Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again With Media Shield on Your Team

Having a business implies more than just having a platform to offer your services and products. It is worth structuring all of your processes so that your customer service strengthens your sales strategy.

The demands and expectations regarding the service and products are increasingly high due to the fact that the current consumer takes more seriously the experience they have before making a purchase. For this reason, we share the mistakes you will never make again when Media Shield is on your team.

Media Shield CRM

Avoid long response time: one of the biggest mistakes in customer service is taking too long to respond through the communication channels you use in your business. It is essential that you establish policies to reduce response times. With Media Shield, you can resolve customer inquiries in record time and assist them quickly if they are stuck at any step of your sales funnel. Decreasing your response time will help improve your sales, and if you provide a quality service, you will gain their loyalty.

Providing minimal information about the product or service: your customer expects to find all the information necessary to make their purchase decision in one place, without so many steps or complications. When you publish a product for sale on your social networks, ensure you write a brief description its benefits and also include its price. Businesses make the mistake of forcing the customer to request the price by direct message, which annoys most consumers. This practice, instead of generating more sales or interest, generates the opposite effect.

Having a lack of multiple communication channels: your customer needs to feel heard, so it is important that you provide them with various options to get in touch with your business. With Media Shield, you can reply to any of their messages from any of the platforms through your all-in-one inbox.

Media Shield All In One inbox

Order status notification: when dealing with customer orders, it is important that the process includes various notification messages about their order status. The first order notification must arrive via email almost immediately with the delivery time of the product. In the event of inconveniences in the delivery process, it is essential to notify the customer of the status of their order to be transparent and generate trust.

Not having a simplified payment process: an important step in improving your customer service is to have a simple checkout process without complexities. This will allow your customer to complete their transactions on their own. However, if they need assistance, your support team should be available to help your customer resolve any issues that arise during the payment process.

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