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Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing mistakes

There are very common mistakes that you can make in the development of your Email Marketing campaigns, which will directly harm your business. Below we list some points to which special attention should be paid in the design and execution of Email Marketing strategies:

Don’t create false illusions.

This is one of the most common mistakes that many small businesses make at the beginning of executing Email Marketing strategies. This mistake will affect the prestige and trust of the business, since defrauding customers with false promises of products or services that later do not exceed the expectations created is one of the most common disappointments and for which there is no turning back. Once the customer has been disappointed, they will not look favorably on your business.

Not responding to customer concerns.

You should listen to each customer as if they were the only ones and try to satisfy their needs immediately.

Do not create promotions without interest or call-to-action.

You must design attractive promotions in which your customers are integrated and feel involved.

Hire inexperienced staff.

Having professionals specialized in Email Marketing will be reflected in each of the steps that your business will take. Customers will be the first to perceive the professionalism in each of the deliveries made.

Sending unsolicited emails.

A very counterproductive factor in any Email Marketing strategy but it is still a common mistake. If a person has not signed up for your business email and receives your email, they will feel invaded and very upset. Hence, the importance of taking care of your database and creating Email Marketing strategies aimed at expanding the number of subscribers who are truly interested in receiving communications from your business by signing up or subscribing.

Spamming mailboxes won’t work.

Disregarding filters.

Email accounts generally filter to prevent spam. In this way, if a user finds your mail in the spam tray, you have started off on the wrong foot, as he will think that the information sent is not reliable.

Okay, so now that you know the common email marketing mistakes you will be able to avoid them and bring benefits to your subscribers and new sales.

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