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Build and Publish Zapier Integrations with Media Shield

If you use multiple platforms at the same time, we know that it can be a challenge when it comes to staying organized and increasing productivity. Luckily, with Media Shield, you can integrate multiple platforms in one place.

Media Shield lets you integrate and connect many applications easily. This means that you can support workflows and automate certain tasks simultaneously. Thanks to Media Shield, your workload can be reduced immensely. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert to integrate or connect all the applications you use into the platform.

Media Shield uses Zapier to help you save time when it comes to performing routine activities, such as sending email marketing and notifying you when a user makes a purchase from your business, among others. Now that you know that you can build and publish Zapier integration with Media Shield, we will tell you about the benefits we offer your entire team.

First of all, Media Shield improves your team’s communication since you can integrate and connect platforms to notify each member of your team of relevant company announcements and information. Likewise, by combining different applications in the same place, your team can know what the scheduled tasks are for each one, and in this way, you can make everyone work under the same objective.

For each task that you have defined, you can focus on the actions that will be carried out. For example: if your community manager must post content on Facebook with Media Shield, you can have it published on other social networks at the same time by using the social planner platform.

If you or a staff is responsible for organizing your business, we know that many tasks may be overlooked, such as answering customer emails, answering messages, saving documents, and even publishing a post on social networks. This saves you time and investment, ensuring positive results.

Our clients are happy because Media Shield helps them have better productivity and organization so that they can fulfill all their tasks while they see their company grow. One last piece of advice! You must intelligently use all the resources and tools that you have in your company, in this way, you will be able to take advantage of each of the opportunities that it offers you, and you will notice that you are reaching your objectives.

Now, if you want experts to help you in your Digital Marketing strategy, at Media Shield we are experts in helping you boost the reach of your company. We have extensive experience in helping businesses grow with specific business strategies.

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