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Build A Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign

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There are basically two key elements that you must take care of for a successful Facebook advertising campaign or moment.   

#1, Your Ads: Format, Content, Copy-write, Quality, Emotion, Insights, Multimedia. 

   #2, Your Segmentation: Campaigns to properly segment your audiences and proper management of market niches. 

Now, let’s dive into it. There are several things you can do with Facebook advertising campaigns. At Media Shield, we recommend you should know the followings:

1. Promote your publications. It is used to promote a specific publication, whether you have previously published it, or you can create a new one. These campaigns are ideal to activate and keep your fans informed of your content, to increase your reach. Use it for important content.

This type of campaign can be useful for all types of business, mainly those that produce valuable content or want to spread important, promotional, or business news.

 2. Promote your page. Expand your page audience by getting more likes. It is an extraordinary way to connect with new customers with the profile you are looking for and to get to know your audience more. Using fan campaigns is a good idea for all types of business since it is a very direct way of prospecting ideal clients so that they know the brand. The key here is to segment very well so that the fans that arrive are what you need.

 3. Reach out to people who are close to your business. Easily reach more people close to your business. You just must indicate the address of your business and the area you want to reach, and your ad will be shown to as many people as possible on Facebook residing in the selected area.

 This type of campaign is ideal for local businesses, that is, those seeking to visit them and locate where they are. Ideal for aesthetics, health and nutrition businesses, schools, retail stores, shops, and businesses whose main market is the one that is close to its physical location.

4. Improve brand recognition. Reach the people most likely to pay attention to your ads to increase brand recognition.

5. Attract people to your website. Attract more people to your website from Facebook. When they click on your ad, you can direct them to any page on your website, including the online store. 

Best practices are for companies that have CONVERSION – optimized websites, that is, they send traffic there to capture leads (data). Ideal for Online Stores, Service Companies, Commerce, Educational Institutions. 

6. Increase the installations of your application. Use your app’s install target to get people to install the app. 

7. Increase the number of attendees at your event. Inform people about a special event with a Facebook ad. When they see it, they can participate in the event and even add it to their Facebook calendar. 

These campaigns are to promote specific events, more of the type of meeting, party, training to internal communities, such as in schools, inaugurations, cultural and artistic events. You can use this for courses or seminars if you accompany it with other campaigns.

8. Increase video views. Use the video replay lens to get people to watch your video. 

9. Generate leads for your business. Ads for leads on Facebook offer people a quick and secure way to sign up to receive business information, such as newsletters, offers, and quotes. Use this goal to create a form that will collect information from individuals, including newsletter sign-ups, price estimates, and follow-up calls. If you aim to collect contacts to track sales, these campaigns are ideal. Shops and Companies with sales teams or automated monitoring systems. Schools, Universities, Online Services. You must include a subscription incentive. 

10. Increase conversions on your website. Use the website conversion goal to increase valuable actions on your website. 

11. Increase interaction with your application. Use the interaction objective with your application so that more people interact with the application. 

12. Get people to request your offer. Create special offers to attract more customers. You can offer discounts or other rewards. You decide how long the offer lasts, who can see it, how many people can request it, etc. Promote a product catalog. Create ads that automatically display products from your catalog based on the target audience. 

They are ideal for local businesses/shops that offer tangible products with attractive discounts. For service businesses, they also work if what is sold is easy to understand and does not require much explanation. 

For online product stores, they can also work very well. 

13. Promote a product catalog. Create ads that automatically display products from your catalog based on the target audience. 

14. Get people to visit your business. Use the business visit goal to promote multiple locations to people nearby.

Final and last tips for your successful Facebook advertising.

  • Have enough advertising funds whenever you can to make your ad appear before others.
  • Plan for at least two ads for the same campaign so you can try both messages and see which one works best for you
  • Plan for a week first, test, measure and then you will be ready for a larger campaign.
  • Pay the total of the campaign, it is always better, since your budget is better distributed. See tip number.
  • Try the promotional posts, at Media Shield we have some statistics of their success, and they are worth to try.
  • Take care of the images. The maximum dimension should be 110 pixels wide x 80 pixels high and the weight, a maximum of 5 MB. Border the image with a frame.
  • Simple messages work vest. Do not try to put all the information on your product or service in the ad, it is best to keep it at 25 characters for the title and 135 for the text. Invite action, intrigue people with your message, startle a promotion.
  • Be different – highlight the most prevalent competitive advantage, what your customers are looking for, the reason they buy from you.
  • Encourage action. Include a call to action in the ad text such as “Click here” or “Sign up today.”
  • Include keywords in your ad copy related to your target audience.
  • Do not mix different targets in the same campaign. This is essential because you want to save money, and this could stop you from taking advantage of the segmentation offered by Facebook. Watch out!
  • Measure, measure, and measure your results. How many clicks, how many people, how many sales… measure… measure… and then evaluate, improve, and start again. At Media Shield, we call it Measure of Performance and Measure of Effectiveness.

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