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Advantages of Using Media Shield’s QR Code

If you have not been living under a rock, then you probably heard about Quick Response Codes (QR codes). The simplicity and convenience make it so attractive. In a nutshell, QR codes are one of the most converted tools to direct your target audience to a page, a website, a form, or even just a picture by simply scanning it. You can also provide information about the products or services you provide promptly to your customer’s device with a simple QR Code.

At Media Shield, your QR Code generating tool can be utilized at any time, anywhere, and for whatever purpose needed. We constantly use it for event sign-up forms and for connecting with clients through different communication channels such as SMS, WhatsApp Text/Status update, Phone Calls, Email, and much more.

Here are four important advantages of using Media Shield’s QR Code Generator:

  • Quick, convenient, and error-free
  • Actionable
  • Trackable
  • Engaging and Creative

Now, let’s discuss the top 5 ways you can use Media Shield’s QR Code generator for your business and increase event sign-ups, (online) traffic, sales, and much more:

1. Add a Call to Action (CTA): You can add any CTA you want from your customers. The QR code will lead customers to the location or form of media through a simple click or direct scanning. You can customize the code to direct the CTA through any channels of communication, including SMS, WhatsApp, Phone Calls, or Email.

2. Dial your business number and view your location: When you use Media Shield’s QR codes generator for business, you can let people scan the code and receive your business details, such as your business contact number, immediately via text. It is very convenient and sustainable too, as you can always track numbers or record them on one communication channel. The QR code can also give specific directions to your business location without having people manually search for your address on online maps! It is always fun and easy to use. 

3. Send an SMS: One of the best features of our QR codes that we love using is sending a message. You can send any details in that message that customers receive when they scan the QR code, and they will receive a message. SMS marketing benefits the most from sending messages using QR codes. It may be used for sales, customer support, on-demand product updates, and opt-in SMS registration.

4. Send an email: Much like sending messages, the Email QR code makes it easier to send an email for multiple purposes. QR codes for sending emails will help you read and monitor data and generate and monitor email marketing, newsletters, and your email’s performance rates.

5. Boost your E-commerce site: The most popular ways that businesses currently use our QR codes are to send customers directly to products and to deliver a list, receipt, or menu to customers through their mobile devices.

Media Shield’s QR Code generator helps you provide unique QR codes to deliver information or provide a CTA to your customers. In your Media Shield Account, you can properly set up QR codes for your marketing strategy with the message that services you or your business best. It is extremely easy to set up, track and allocate.

Are you using any of these techniques to distribute QR codes for your business? Or are there other techniques you’ve found to be successful? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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