Are you old enough to remember when marketers used landlines as their exclusive channel to achieve their goals? Back then, the all-in-one inbox wasn't even a latent idea.

Well, it is clear that today, as new communications channels and methods continue to appear, businesses enter a completely different path. And this demands new solutions from digital marketing agencies.

At Media Shield we don’t only think in terms of the mobile experience, the computer experience, on the tablet experience, or on those cool watch experience; we know and understand that the approach to customer relationship must be holistic —that is, employing an all-in-one inbox, contemplating all possible channels where you will communicate with your customers and your team.

All In One Digital Marketing Solutions

In the last year we designed a single communication channel that have become enormously diversified and our clients today have many possibilities to manage their relationships with their customers and also effectively communicate with their team members. We bring all your conversations in one inbox. Yes! One INBOX. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, calls, text, and much more. Now you can finally sync all your inboxes with Media Shield and control all your business communications in one inbox, where you can quickly reply, accept payments, schedule and confirm appointments and do much more with a couple of clicks or on your Media Shield mobile app.

Book a Demo Call now and learn more about our all-in-one inbox with one of our experts.

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