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180% Growth
As a non-profit organization, we witnessed 180% growth in our events promotions and attendance. I love the texting feature a lot!
Bianca S.
President & CEO, Cool Spring Downtown District, Inc
All Automated
We use media shield to send sales campaigns and update customers on their orders simply by drag and drop and all automated. Made my teams day to day tasks all automated. Highly recommend it.
Moe A.
Owner, Fayetteville Furniture Gallery
A Dream Case
As not tech savvy business owner, all what I'm capable to do with MediaShield was a dream case for me that would cost me so much to accomplish...
Pardisi A.
Owner, Quick Phone Repair & Designs
Gets It Done 10/10
Media Shield does just that - shields you from unwanted, low-quality, and poor-performing companies in a world where everyone seems to be a "tech guru". Media Shield gets it done and puts the right man or woman on the job. They were extremely responsive and I spoke directly to the person helping me - not an automated response. 10/10 recommend.
Public Figure - Speaker
Best Decision
Choosing media shield as a resource to expand my company was one of the best decisions I have ever made in entrepreneurship. They were fast and skilled at bringing the results I needed.
Darianna A.
Founder, Glow Within You
A Game Changer
It’s a game changer software. We manage all of our business conversations through Media Shield CRM. Nicely automated all of our workflow processes. Highly recommend this for businesses that urge to grow and scale up.
Caesar S.
CEO, Cape Fear Valley Realty

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