Making a company profile on LinkedIn is very simple and something within the reach of all types of business. Now, the fact of the matter is creating a good LinkedIn strategy for business-to-business engagements and taking the most effective actions.

To achieve this, the first thing is to establish what objectives are to be achieved and that these are goal-oriented, measurable, achievable, relevant, and over a period of time. Once objectives are established, the business should look for the best way to approach and invest the resources to achieve them, always thinking strategically.

For this, it is important to start by creating a complete business page on LinkedIn, with a good description of the activity and that is also a place where you can meet and connect with the staff that makes up the business. Thus, they can also be, not only brand ambassadors but also administrators and content generators that can be disseminated.

This leads us to the second key point, generating content that not only serves to gain notoriety but also add value to an audience and help it grow organically and gradually. And that is why Media Shield is specialized in working with content marketing and taking advantage of all kinds of information that a company generates to turn it into the necessary material to promote and consolidate the brand image, a pillar in the strategies for LinkedIn Companies.

On the other hand, promoting business-to-business companies on LinkedIn through advertising campaigns is one of the best ROI marketing actions. But to get there, you have to pay close attention to the content used, the audience segmentation, and the monitoring of the analytics of the network itself to know what type of publications generate more engagement with other businesses and how to take advantage of that positive impact.

And finally, a business page on LinkedIn is a great opportunity to work on Social Selling and new more personalized business strategies, also taking advantage to create a close, bilateral, and long-term professional relationship with other businesses.

To work all this and achieve business objectives, Media Shield is your best ally to guarantee the creation of an effective, solid, and consistent business profile on LinkedIn to work on the company image, the way of communicating, and the way of offering products and services.
Let’s give you some tips to use on LinkedIn for your business-to-business strategy

  • Optimize the new Company Page design
  • Publish company updates
  • Know what other businesses say about your company
  • Add a video to your Company page
  • Take advantage of “LinkedIn Answers” ​​as a marketing tool
  • Use LinkedIn to generate business leads
  • Create segmented variations of the Products and Services tab of your company page
  • Experiment with LinkedIn Ads
  • Use Group Statistics for better selection and marketing
  • Create a specific group (and subgroups) for your activity on LinkedIn Group
  • Send emails and surveys to your LinkedIn Group
  • Collect recommendations
  • Hire new talents
  • Add the Share and Follow this company buttons on your website/blog

We hope we have convinced you that having a company page on LinkedIn is a very good option to enhance the marketing of your products and services to other businesses.

Via: mediashield.net

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Creating A B2b Linkedin Strategy

Making a company profile on LinkedIn is very simple and something within the reach of all types of business. Now, the fact of the matter is creating a good LinkedIn


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