Get organized and be in control.

Never miss an appointment again, and no more scheduling nightmares.
A digital marketing agency located in Fayetteville, NC offering advertising solutions.

When there's no more scheduling interruption.
You can finally get things done!

Let Media Sheld calendar take care of all your scheduling works.

Automate reminders and follow-ups

Automate your entire meeting workflow. It sends thank you notes, emails, and SMS reminders for you to focus on more and other things be done.

More connections and less cancellations

Customers can now schedule meetings on your calendar with just a few clicks. Rescheduling is easy and fast, so you'll never have to worry about canceling at the last minute!

The best way to manage your calendar

Media Shield Calendar makes it easy to book meetings and other appointments online. With one click, you can save both time for yourself as well as your meeting participants!

You don't have all the time to still manually manage your schedules.

Get the busy work of scheduling off your to-do list. Be more productive in things that only YOU can do.

More meetings, better prospects, increase connections and boost your conversions.

Media Shield calendar helps ensure that all your prospects are taken care of in an easy and convenient way. With the ability for instant scheduling, there is no need worry about missing any potential clients!

Your booking links are perosnalized for you to save time.
Efficiently manage your meetings and appointments
Connect faster with your prospects.
Media Shield calendar will serve as your personal assistant 24/7.

The best way to schedule meetings and manage your calendar



Let's make the most of your open meetings. Let clients and colleagues select from a selection that suits them best!


Group Meeting

Easily arrange meetings with multiple attendees—an excellent way for local businesses to host events.


Online Meeting

Integration with Zoom and Google Meet makes it easy to start your webinar in a few clicks.


Team Calendar

Balance your hosting responsibilities and automatically schedule events on your team calendars.

We make it easy for you to get started.

Create your calendar

Add your availability preferences to your Media Shield Calendar.

Share it

Send your Media Shield calendar link to your customers or embed it on your website.

Get appointments

They pick a date and time, which will be added to your calendar.

Do more of what you do best.

You can focus on getting things done with your day free from scheduling hassles and interruptions.


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